Sex is taken literally to be the coming together of two people, whether male or female to a bodily union, great pleasure is derived from it and is regarded as the utmost in the enjoyment of each others company. Foreplay is taken as the preparation both mental and physical for the act of sex, it would range from caressing, kissing, touching or sexual talk.

Traditionally, foreplay was seen as the act of preparing a woman for penetration, but today, both men and women engage and benefit from it, it heightens sexual awareness and enjoyment, awakens all your nerves making sex not just an act of the genital organs but a whole body and mind affair. It also helps you understand your partner’s pleasure points, your own and what gives you the greatest pleasure in sex, it gives you a deeper knowledge of what you want out of any liaison.

Sex starts in the brain and as such, foreplay acts as a stimulant, a mood setter and it is key to note that foreplay is different for all individuals. While some would enjoy necking or dirty talk, this does not mean that any other partner you get will enjoy or love doing the same. It calls for you to discover each partners’ desires, expectation out of sex and which body parts give the best response.

It can be universally agreed that everybody needs some libido boosting or encouragement, and especially when things are not working well in that department, foreplay will do this for you and will make sex both enjoyable and fulfilling. You never go wrong when sex and foreplay go hand in hand.

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